Putting the T in sweeT

"Can one Arty tee that gives some cheddar to Artists and Charities, change the world?

Ahh, that's a big call, but it can definitely do good, so that's pretty sweet I guess aye"

- Abraham Lincoln (and that guy never lied)



We’ve all been bad at some point; you may have cheated on a test or your third form girlfriend or boyfriend, maybe you used to get drunk and steal cheese from supermarkets after midnight. Well, it’s time to make amends, it’s time to Do Good.

Do Good Tees, It’s about love. Do Good Tees are works of art, like literally. We curate art for fashion, from fresh and quirky to bold and inspiring statement pieces; these images make up our collection.

Profit on a Do Good Tee goes right to the artist. What’s more, the same amount goes to a charity of the artists choice! So by wearing Do Good Tees, you’re supporting the local art scene and a whole array of charities.