A Critical Mistake - Hana Chatani
  • A Critical Mistake - Hana Chatani

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    Shot through the heart and your to blame you give love an artistic name.  That could quite possibly be the worse rip on Bon Jovi in History. Sorry for that Critical mistake...see what I did there, it's the name of the piece too!!


    A Critical Mistake, captures the moment when love first strikes then provides it first pang of pain. Damn! I'm bringing up some sad memories. This piece is unmistakbly from the brillaint mind of Hana Chatani who captures love and indearment in her works like no other upcoming artist on the scene.


    Proceeds from the art go directly to Hana Chatani (The Artist), RainbowYOUTH and a bit goes to us so we can cover our costs and Tony casn finally afford to get his back waxed, It's a big job!


    Check out Hana Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hanachatani/




      At least 20% of the cost this piece will go the Artist, Hana Chatani and Rainbow Youth directly. This money will assist Hana to continue to create and support herself, and the money that will RainbowYOUTH receive will help them to provide many services for queer and gender diverse youth and their wider communities all across Aotearoa.

      You legend!


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