Hard Choices - StitchedINK
  • Hard Choices - StitchedINK

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    Life is a battlefield; my love life at school was more like a cattle field. That's neither here nor there though. This little battler has seen some stuff, but he keeps ongoing. Life has chewed him up and spat him out, what do you expect when he's literally made of gum. No matter what he's won't be kept down and ready to keep on battling. What a Dude!!


    But before this Gum enters the fray once more, their one Hard Decision he must make. A question that has plagued scholars, 'what should I use Axe or Sword?  What a dude! Stitched INK unique and quirky but personal style is on show here at it's indomitable best.


    Check out Stichedink's insta https://www.instagram.com/stchdink/


    Proceeds from this piece go Tamihana aka stitched ink (the artist), a charity (TBC) and a wee bit goes to us so we can cover our costs and Catie can get those butt implants she's been promising herself.

    • The good you're doing

      At least 20% of the cost this piece will go the Artist, StitchedInk andhis chosen charity directly. This money will assist Stitchedink to continue to create and the money that the charity wil receive will help them to provide many services.

      You legend!

      Charity for this Tee TBC


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    Colour: White