After a couple of decades of partying and the odd bit complaining about boomers and the state of the planet ageing barely milienials, Catie and Tony, decided to do something rather than just winge.   Do good Tees was born.


We want to supply sweet tees for sweet people and raise money for artists and charities and also hopefully enough for Catie to get those butt implants she's been eyeing up.




aka  T dizz

Witt, charisma, intelligence...are not words associated with Tony. He loves the chat and has a big heart.  Do Good Tees is his brainchild, but he firmly believes success is only possible when you surround yourself with people more capable than yourself. Fortunately, this is not hard for Tony

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She's got a good head

She has her critics but I always stick up for her. Catie sure is a lot of fun. An organisational mastermind, Catie kills it as an event badass. Who says run sheets can't be gangster! Coming straight out of excel Motherfulla!!

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